Producing safe, affordable, secure and reliable energy both profitably and sustainably is a powerful purpose – one that we take seriously. Our products fuel the world and make modern life possible.

Access to safe, affordable, secure, and reliable energy has never been more crucial, as demonstrated by the volatility that characterized 2022. Record inflation, geo-political disruption and continued supply chain disruptions culminated in rising costs across the globe.

“Our team is united by a commitment to drive progress and improve lives. This drive, coupled with our values, pushes us to continually enhance our performance. This commitment is a reflection of our history, our high standards, and our vision for the future.”

Brendan McCraken

President & Chief Executive Officer

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Sustainability is rooted in our foundational values. At Ovintiv, we are proud to make modern life possible by producing safe, affordable, secure and reliable energy in North America.



Established by the International Financial Stability Board, the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) identifies and suggests voluntary disclosures that help investors, lenders and insurance underwriters understand material risks.



At Ovintiv, we produce the safe, affordable, secure and reliable energy our world needs. However, we recognize that energy production comes with impacts and – as a leading operator – we have a responsibility to reduce our footprint and lead by example within our industry.



We believe we must use our position to improve lives and drive progress. With oversight from our Board of Directors, we engage with our external stakeholders and workforce to ensure we are both proud of our results and how they are achieved.



Corporate governance is critical to conducting our business with the highest ethical standards. We prioritize stakeholder interests by maintaining transparency and integrity and proactively managing risk. We have woven our commitment to environmental, social and governance progress into our foundational values and business strategy.



At Ovintiv, we recognize the importance of transparency and communicating on our performance. We have a long history of disclosure, having published sustainability metrics since 2005 and are proud of our ongoing achievement in environment, social and governance matters.

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