Together with our employees, our social commitment is our positive contribution to the communities where we operate by respecting our stakeholders and Indigenous partners, strengthening our communities and fostering a culture of inclusion.

Our foundational values of safety, sustainability, integrity, trust and respect guide our approach and define what we expect of ourselves and our strategic partnerships.

We know we must consider the impact of our operations and engage with our people and community partners to explore how we can play a role. Our commitment to driving environment, social and governance progress is fueled by our people and a desire to work in partnership with host communities to create a better, more sustainable future together.

Making Modern Life Possible

Respecting Stakeholders & Indigenous Partners

We respect our community partners and foster relationships built on honesty, open communication and responsible operations.

Strengthening Communities

We support the communities where we operate and are an active partner in building a strong, healthy social fabric.

Fostering Inclusion

We embrace diversity of thought, background and experience. We want to create an industry and a company where everyone is welcome and valued.