Careers and Employee Wellness

Our success is a direct result of the talent of our team and our ability to work together to achieve company goals. We work hard to put our best ideas into action—making energy development more advanced, efficient and safer than ever before.

Every person on our team is expected to share ideas and make a meaningful contribution to our company’s success. Our workforce is the reason we have built a reputation for delivering industry-changing advancements, technologies and results. We have a history of hiring proven industry leaders and are committed to retaining our hardworking and dedicated people. We seek talent both from within and outside our industry, recruiting prospective employees who will excel in our unique culture. For example, approximately 33% of our engineers were recruited through our college intern and new graduate program.

Our compensation philosophy is anchored by two key objectives: delivering market-competitive pay and benefits and rewarding short- and long-term performance. Our compensation program is designed to attract and retain the talent necessary to achieve our business strategy by rewarding individual and company performance. All employees can earn a discretionary bonus based on company performance as measured by our corporate scorecards.

  • Competitive medical and dental benefits, plus additional insurance coverage
  • Long-term incentive program
  • Annual allowance
  • Employee and family assistance program
  • Company-funded pension plan – company contribution is 8% of base salary
  • Investment plan (Canada) or 401(k) plan (U.S.), with a company match of up to 5% of employee contribution
  • Financial education tools and assistance

The average tenure of our employees is more than nine years, and our voluntary turnover rate was 5.9% in 2021.

Our culture promotes collaboration as a way for employees to network, grow, drive innovations and improve outcomes. We encourage cross-functional sharing by providing communications tools, processes and events for connection.

Ovintiv’s internal collaboration forum, the Shale Technology Exchange, brings together technical staff to present, debate and share ideas and solutions that drive our operations forward. The forum, which includes presentations and technical talks from members of Team Ovintiv, enables employees to build relationships, share ideas and drive enhancements in well results and costs.

We offer LINK, an inclusive network that invites all employees to come together as equals and share their diverse thoughts, perspectives and approaches. Sponsored by executive leadership, LINK follows through on its name –Leveraging Inclusion, Networking and Knowledge — by providing employees with an opportunity to connect with peers to problem solve, innovate and overcome challenges with confidentiality and trust. This interaction encourages connections across our organization, provides information/awareness on inclusion initiatives and advances employee development.

Mentoring Circles is our informal peer-to-peer mentoring program. Through this initiative, we match co-workers interested in connecting and collaborating as a way to grow personally and professionally. 

To continue to promote internal collaboration and support the social well-being and mental health of our staff, LINK sponsored a Random Coffee program. It is an innovative networking concept that matches interested employees with a new colleague every two weeks for an informal online conversation. This enables our staff to create and maintain new social contacts by engaging with different colleagues in other departments and operating areas and facilitating informal networking, information sharing and integration across the company.

Employee Learning and Development

Recruiting, developing and retaining our workforce is vital to our success today and in the future. We believe in providing opportunities for our employees to grow with us, including professional development and training programs.

Employee growth at Ovintiv is more comparable to a lattice than a ladder. That means our employees can grow vertically, horizontally or diagonally—complementing our agile culture and the evolving demands of our business.

Employee development is reflective of our business strategies, as well as our culture and values. While technical capabilities are role specific, business and leadership skills span the organization.

We support the development of these skills through on-the-job work experience, networking, mentoring and collaboration and formal training. We encourage our employees to take an active role in their professional development as outlined in our framework.

We employ a learning management system, Workday, to offer training content through a single, easy-to-use platform. Within this system we host more than 130 courses, both with computer-based and instructor-led options. To date, our employees have completed more than 10,000 courses since the program’s inception in 2019. This system supports both our EH&S training and our professional development opportunities.

Employee Wellness

Ovintiv applies fitness for work—a practice that requires employees be in a condition to carry out their day-to-day job duties safely and effectively without putting themselves, their coworkers, the public or the environment at risk. We consider employees unfit for work if injury, illness, physical or psychological health issues, fatigue or the use of alcohol or drugs could result in the reduced ability to perform work safely or effectively.  

To encourage employee health, we offer competitive medical and dental benefits, as well as wellness programs to support mental health. We also provide an ergonomics program to reduce physical discomfort and strain while on the job. The use of ergonomics can proactively identify existing problems and prevent injuries in the workplace. Ergonomic resources such as assessments, stretches based on job function, and guidelines for setting up workstations help properly adjust our bodies and equipment for comfort and safety.

Employee Wellness

Employee Wellbeing Program

We are committed to supporting the well-being of our employees across four areas:

Employee Wellbeing

Physical – Promoting preventive care with health providers and incentivizing employees to  “know their numbers” to control and manage health risks

Emotional – Ensuring access to quality mental and behavioral health resources and care


Social – Enhancing connections among our workforce through resource networks such as our employee networking organization (LINK), giving managers the tools to create an inclusive workplace culture, and promoting volunteer opportunities within our communities

Financial – Providing education and resources for retirement planning and a broad spectrum of other personal financial matters

Supporting mental wellbeing in our field operations

The health and well-being of our people are of the utmost importance. In 2021, our Canadian operations team piloted Mental First Aid, a course aimed at teaching employees and managers about common mental health conditions and reducing stigma associated with them. In 2022, plans are underway to develop a custom course tailored for our employees to help promote a companywide culture of mental well-being.