Our success is a direct result of the talent of our team and our ability to work together to achieve company goals. We work hard to put our best ideas into action—making energy development more advanced, efficient and safer than ever before.

Every person on our team is expected to share ideas and make a meaningful contribution to our company’s success. Our workforce is the reason we have built a reputation for delivering industry-changing advancements, technologies and results. We have a history of hiring proven industry leaders and are committed to retaining our hardworking and dedicated people. We seek talent from within and outside our industry, recruiting prospective employees who will excel in our unique culture. 

Compensation and Benefits

Our compensation philosophy is anchored by two key objectives: delivering market-competitive pay and benefits and rewarding short- and long-term performance. Our compensation program is designed to attract and retain the talent necessary to achieve our business strategy by rewarding individual and company performance. All employees can earn a discretionary bonus based on company performance as measured by our corporate scorecard.

Ovintiv reviews compensation annually to assess gender and race pay gaps. Every other year, Ovintiv contracts with an external firm to independently assess gaps. Any gaps are addressed either immediately, or through our annual compensation review process.

Key Employee Benefits

  • Competitive medical and dental benefits, plus additional insurance coverage
  • Long-term incentive program
  • Annual allowance
  • Employee and family assistance program
  • Ovintiv reviews compensation annuallyto assess gender and race pay gaps. Every other year, Ovintiv contracts with an external firm to independently assess gaps. Any gaps are addressed eitherimmediately, or through our annual compensation review process
  • Company-funded pension plan – company contribution is 8% of base salary
  • Investment plan (Canada) or 401(k) plan (U.S.), with a 100% company match of employee contributions up to 5% of base salary
  • Employee charitable donation match up to $25,000 and volunteer rewards program
  • Financial education tools and assistance
  • Post-retirement benefits
  • Market-leading family leave practice that includes 16 weeks paid leave for primary caregivers and 10 business days of paid parental time off for secondary caregivers
  • New Family Forming benefits that include enhanced support for fertility treatment and reimbursement for adoption and/or surrogacy assistance
  • Highly competitive vacation policy
  • Flexible work hours that support a healthy work/life balance, including the first and third Friday of every month off (eligibility varies on location and position) 
  • Employee student scholarship program for dependent children

The average tenure of our employees is more than nine years, and our voluntary turnover rate was 5.9% in 2022.

New Graduate Program

​​The experience Ovintiv provides through our new graduate program and career development is not only meaningful to participants but adds significant value to the company. Ovintiv’s new graduates develop skills, knowledge, and a professional network through on-the-job technical training and social opportunities. Our program is home to graduating students in Engineering, Geosciences, Land Management and Accounting, among others.  While every program differs slightly, the focus is on building a breadth of knowledge and gaining exposure through rotations or project work. One program offered each year is our New Grad Boot-Camp, an immersive, multi-day experience that includes technical presentations as well as sessions with senior leaders, the executive leadership team and Board members. With regular networking opportunities throughout the year, the new graduates are encouraged to get to know each other and build connections within the company.

New Grads Meet our Board

In early 2023, Ovintiv new graduates gathered in Denver for a significant career and culture-building opportunity to share their experiences as a group with our leadership team and Board of Directors. Our Board, who was interested in our recruiting practices and talent development, joined the event to better understand our programs and appreciate how Ovintiv is differentiating itself from industry peers. Our New Grads were able to share their experiences with the Board, who in turn provided professional feedback and career advice to the graduates. It was a significant and mutually beneficial opportunity for our new grads to engage with and receive guidance from this level of company leadership, while also imparting their own generational insights into the program, company and industry.

Fostering Internal Connection

Our culture promotes collaboration as a way for employees to network, develop, drive innovations and improve outcomes. We encourage cross-functional sharing by providing communications tools, processes and events for connection.  

Ovintiv’s internal collaboration forum, the Shale Technology Exchange, brings together technical staff to present, debate and share ideas and solutions that drive our operations forward. The forum, which includes presentations and technical talks from employees across the organization, enables staff to build relationships, share ideas and drive enhancements for both well results and costs.

We use mentoring circles as our informal peer-to-peer mentoring program. Through this initiative, we match co-workers interested in connecting and collaborating as a way to develop personally and professionally. We also provide a voluntary Random Coffee program, which randomly pairs two interested employees to meet for either an in-person or virtual “coffee session,” where they can learn about each other’s teams, roles, operating areas and other interests. 

We are committed to ensuring employees have regular opportunities to engage informally with the executive leadership team through casual, hosted breakfasts or lunches in our corporate locations, social events after in-person town halls and registered Q&A sessions with individual executive leadership team members.   


Employee Learning and Development

Recruiting, developing and retaining our workforce is vital to our success today and in the future. We believe in providing opportunities for our employees to grow with us, including professional development and training programs.

Employee growth at Ovintiv is more comparable to a lattice than a ladder, meaning our employees can grow vertically, horizontally or diagonally complementing our agile culture and the evolving demands of our business.

Employee development is reflective of our business strategies, as well as our culture and values. While technical capabilities are role specific, business and leadership skills span the organization.

We support the development of these skills through on-the-job work experience, networking, mentoring and collaboration, and formal training. We encourage our employees to take an active role in their professional development as outlined in our framework.

We employ a learning management system, Workday, to offer training content through a single, easy-to-use platform. Within this system we host more than 130 courses, with both computer-based and instructor-led options. To date, our employees have completed more than 10,000 courses since the program’s inception in 2019. This system supports both our EH&S training and our professional development opportunities.

Employee Wellbeing Program

We are committed to holistic support of our employees’ overall well-being. We offer competitive medical and dental benefits, as well as wellness programs to support mental health.

Physical – Promoting preventive care with health providers, offering proactive health assessments, creating a physical wellbeing incentive program and providing an ergonomics program (assessments and guidelines for office setups)

Financial – Providing education and resources for retirement planning and a broad spectrum of other personal financial matters

Emotional – Ensuring access to quality mental and behavioral health resources and care

Social – Enhancing connections among our workforce through employee resource networks (LINK, OYL), giving managers the tools to create an inclusive workplace culture, and promoting volunteer opportunities within our communities

Fitness For Work

Employee Wellness

We require employees to be in a condition to carry out their day-to-day job duties safely and effectively without putting themselves, their co-workers, the public or the environment at risk. We consider employees unfit for work if injury, illness, physical or psychological health issues, fatigue or the use of alcohol or drugs could result in the reduced ability to perform work safely or effectively.  

Mental First Aid

In 2021, our Canadian operations team successfully piloted Mental First Aid, a course aimed at teaching employees and managers about common mental health conditions and reducing stigma associated with them. Since then, we have made the course available to teams across our organization.

Therapy Dogs


As part of Mental Health Month in May, we partnered with PALS in Calgary, Therapy Pet Pals of Texas, and Denver Pet Pals to bring their therapy dogs onsite to our corporate offices.  Studies have shown that pets are good for your mental health and can alleviate depression, reduce anxiety, and decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol.