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Our rapid progress on ESG is fundamental to human advancement and essential to the global ambition to reduce emissions. At Ovintiv, we will continue to pioneer innovative ways to provide energy while driving down global emissions both today and into the future. We are at the forefront of driving innovation to both profitably and sustainably produce oil and natural gas from shale.

Oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids are essential to every aspect of life, from healthcare and education to the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the mobility we cherish, and the electronic technologies we rely on every day. It is evident now more than ever that energy security, reliability and affordability are critical to combating poverty, enhancing quality of life, driving our economies and supporting geo-political stability.

As a leading North American operator, we understand that we have a responsibility to enable energy security both at home and abroad while reducing our impact.

Daily Life

Our products drive every facet of our economy and are critical to every sector within it.



The importance of reliable healthcare has been stark as the world has battled the COVID-19 pandemic. Petroleum products underpin almost all of the critical inputs used to care for patients in hospital — from the ambulance that gets patients to the emergency room and the reliable energy that powers our hospitals and critical care units to the protective equipment that keeps people safe.

All critical life-saving medical equipment is also made from petroleum products — from imaging, diagnostic, monitoring and life-sustaining equipment to protective wear such as face shields and hazmat suits designed to keep our families alive, safe and healthy.



Our products are used throughout our everyday lives and are critical to providing quality education. Access to education is one of the pillars of our children’s development and later the training that prepares them for a meaningful career. Petroleum products heat, cool and power our schools and post-secondary facilities, provide materials for our desks, computers, phones, crayons, running shoes and bikes and are the building blocks from our playgrounds to research labs.

Education paves the way for our children’s future. Access to a quality education is underpinned by petroleum products. All of the classroom technology and equipment our children need to thrive at home and at school is made using petroleum products.



In an integrated world, we all rely on flexibility and mobility. Oil and natural gas provide the ability to reliably, economically and swiftly move people, equipment and products around the globe. Our integrated supply chains require reliable, accessible and affordable energy. People enjoy the convenience of travel, appreciate the ease of online shopping and shipping to our homes and depend on the many other benefits of our modern transportation network.

Petroleum products are at the core of making mobility possible and accessible –allowing the flexibility to travel and reconnect with loved ones; enabling the ability for home delivery; and moving equipment and products across town or around the world.


Access to oil and natural gas resources directly improves quality of life and enables energy security at home and abroadIt supports geopolitical stability, job creation, economic benefit and is foundational to modern life.

Energy Security 


Energy Security

Recent events have unfortunately underscored how energy can be misused as a foreign policy and national security weapon to threaten global security and stability. 

North American energy is a safe, reliable and low-emitting source of the energy the world needs. North American exports support both our national security and the security of our allies, providing secure and stable energy while helping to lower global emissions.

Our products fuel our defenses and make possible the equipment that keeps our military services prepared, effective and safe.



The oil and natural gas industry is a significant direct and indirect contributor to the North American economy especially in rural areas. The tax and royalty revenue paid to local governments fund the social programs, education, healthcare, infrastructure and conservation critical to building a strong and prosperous society.

The petroleum industry is a significant source of exciting jobs that drive our local, regional and national economies. Salaries, taxes and royalties all contribute to building strong, progressive communities.

Quality of Life   

Quality of LIfe 

Affordable, reliable and accessible energy is foundational to increasing quality of life. Energy costs matter – high energy costs directly jeopardize the most vulnerable people in our society. Whether it’s higher home heating or power bills, or skyrocketing prices at the pump, increasing energy costs put undue pressure on people and families that can least afford it, making it more difficult to access the important building blocks of society like healthcare, education and mobility.

Energy poverty is a challenge around the world; it is a barrier to quality healthcare, education and a better standard of living. Access to affordable and reliable energy is the steppingstone to improving quality of life at home and around the globe.

Benefits of
Natural Gas

Natural gas is essential to making modern life possible. At Ovintiv, we are proud to produce this valuable resource and support the world’s energy needs into the future.



North America is a leader in producing natural gas, which is a naturally occurring energy source found underground in sedimentary basins. We use natural gas in a variety of ways in our daily lives – to heat and cool our homes, to generate our electricity and in the raw materials in almost every product we use like fertilizer, clothing and plastics to name a few.

With abundant, low-cost natural gas reserves, North America has a reliable and secure source of energy for many years to come. In fact, between Canada and the United States, there is enough natural gas to power both countries for over 100 years. (EIA FAQ 2022 and CAPP Natural Gas Factbook)


Low Carbon

Low Carbon

Natural gas is the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels. It produces roughly half the carbon dioxide of coal when used in electricity generation and one-tenth of the air pollutants. In the United States, the shift away from coal has enabled both cleaner air and the lowest level of per capita GHG emissions in over 50 years. (EIA Report, Sept. 2020)

As the world looks to decarbonize, natural gas is a great partner for renewable energy such as wind and solar. It is quick to start and stop and can provide the necessary baseload power to cover the naturally occurring gaps in renewable power production when the wind doesn’t blow, or the sun doesn’t shine.

Low Carbon

Reliable & Secure

Reliable and Secure

Natural gas enables energy security both at home and abroad. In North America, we have a large underground pipeline system that safely transports natural gas to provide reliable energy to homes, businesses, power plants and storage facilities. Natural gas pipelines transport more than a quarter of the energy consumed in the United States and roughly 40% in Canada through almost 3 million miles of pipeline infrastructure. (American and Canadian Gas Associations)

In addition to being sent through pipelines, natural gas can be cooled into liquid form and transported by refrigerated truck to remote areas or by ship to Europe and Asia. Work is underway to enable liquified natural gas (LNG) exports in Canada and the US recently became the world’s largest LNG exporter. LNG export capacity enables North American natural gas – which is produced in a highly regulated and politically stable environment – to displace coal-fired power generation in places like India and China and offers optionality of supply to European nations.

This tremendous reduction in emissions in the United States (in 2020, emissions were the lowest per capita in 50 years) can be repeated globally by using North American natural gas to replace coal around the world. 


Switch Energy
Alliance (SEA)

Switch Energy Alliance (SEA) 

Energy fuels the engine of the modern world and has the power to bring billions more out of poverty. Because energy touches every facet of our lives, it is highly political. Biases and emotions run deep, and facts and data are often distorted, or worse.

SEA’s global video- and web-based approach engages students and general viewers in a positive conversation to work collaboratively on energy challenges. SEA reaches millions of people of all ages around the world where they live and learn: online, in classrooms, in professional training and in museums.

Visit Switch Energy Alliance ( for an objective, non partisan view of the world’s energy future.


Positive energy

Positive Energy 

Positive Energy is an initiative of the University of Ottawa that seeks to harness the power of the university to bring together academic researchers and senior decision-makers from industry, government, Indigenous organizations, local communities and environmental organizations to help strengthen public confidence in energy decision-making.

Formed in 2015, Positive Energy has undertaken significant public opinion research as well as released research papers that focus on fact-based analysis of topics such as Public Confidence in Energy Decision-Making as well as Canada’s Energy Future in an Age of Climate Change. 

Positive energy

For an academic, research-based perspective on the challenges facing energy development, please visit Positive Energy (