Our Approach to Sustainability

Sustainability is a pillar of our organization and encompasses more than just environment, social and governance (ESG) matters. It is central to our superior returns strategy — industry-leading efficiency, disciplined capital allocation and financial strength. It also drives our ESG progress — operating safely, lowering emissions, reducing our environmental footprint and underscoring our social commitment.

We have a long track record of ESG transparency – this marks our 18th year of sustainability reporting. We are committed to driving progress and have integrated ESG considerations throughout our business.

To enable that integration, our Board of Directors and executive leadership team shape our ESG strategy and are focused on ensuring our business remains sustainable. This means continuing to take action to deliver returns and strengthen our balance sheet while driving ESG progress. Our company scorecard highlights this commitment. By linking employee and executive compensation to operational, financial, safety and ESG results, we ensure that every team member is invested in continuous improvement across our organization.

At Ovintiv, every day presents an opportunity to innovate, do things differently and make improvements. We have established high standards for ESG performance through our policies and programs, and our employees have embraced this approach. Our performance is the result of a world-class team and a unique culture of innovation, teamwork and discipline.

Our Approach to ESG