Our commitment to an inclusive culture that embraces diversity of thought, background and experience was reinforced by our Board and executive leadership team through our Social Commitment framework. We are committed to creating an industry and a Company where everyone is welcome and has the same access to opportunities.

Fostering a culture of inclusion is consistent with our long-standing foundational values and we are committed to making progress so that everyone has an equitable opportunity for success at Ovintiv. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Guiding Principles

We engage in this work not only because it leads to better business outcomes, but most importantly because it is the right thing to do.

Above all, we believe listening and learning is the priority. We will take our time to get it right and be authentic along the way.

Ovintiv’s values and leadership capabilities underpin our commitment to an inclusive workplace.

Learning From Our Employees

A critical part of building a culture of inclusion is listening to and learning from our employees. To gather quantitative and qualitative data, we use tools such as pulse-check surveys and employee inclusion listening sessions. Feedback from the sessions has informed updates and changes to practices, programs and training initiatives, including Inclusion@Work training, and along with our Company’s demographic data, helped us understand how the experience of inclusion differed across demographic groups within our Company.

“I am committed to continuing this dialogue and developing the programs, processes and initiatives required to support diverse talent and an inclusive workplace.”

Brendan McCracken

President & CEO

Understanding our Workforce

One of our goals is ensuring we have diverse talent at all levels within our organization. We are continuing to deepen our understanding of the age, gender and ethnic make-up of our Company, through voluntary employee surveys as well as formal gender equality surveys. As we build awareness, we have been able to tailor our recruiting practices to broaden the diversity of our talent pool, increase our transparency around gender equality and better support our employees with resources to build an inclusive workplace.

Attracting, developing and retaining diverse talent while fostering an engaged culture of inclusion is both a challenge and an opportunity. We will continue to lean into our values as we strive to create a work environment where everyone can feel accepted and be successful.

Workforce Ethnicity

Of the 97% of U.S. employees and 64% of Canadian employees who provided ethnicity information, our ethnic breakdown is as follows:

United States

80.1% White
10.4% Hispanic / Latino
3.3% Asian
3.0% Two or More
1.6% Black / African American
1.4% American Indian / Alaskan Native
0.2% Native Hawaiian / Other Pacific Islander


77.1% White
5.8% Chinese
4.5% Indigenous / Aboriginal
3.3% South Asian
2.5% Black
1.7% Other
1.7% Filipino
1.0% Latin American
0.8% Arab
0.8% Southeast Asian
0.6% West Asian
0.2% Korean

Building our Culture of Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are critical to building an empowered culture and strengthening Company performance. By embracing our diverse perspectives, we can continue to innovate and evolve our business to adapt to an ever-changing world. Creating a space for trust and support to ensure that all great ideas are heard is a priority and an area we will continue to strive to improve. 

Partnering to Promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Ovintiv sponsors events that support our culture of inclusion and partners with organizations whose primary goals are to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. Our current partners include ALLY Energy, an organization dedicated to changing the energy narrative by accelerating the connections, jobs, and skills to power an equitable energy workforce and Women Building Futures whose mission is to foster economic security for women facing barriers to entry in a workforce where they are traditionally underrepresented.


ALLY Energy’s Best

LINK was recently awarded the 2023 ALLY Energy GRIT Award for The Best Affinity Group for its efforts to embrace inclusion and collaboration. The award recognizes LINK’s accomplishments as well as its tremendous impact on recruiting practices and employee experience. ​ALLY Energy’s GRIT (Growth Resilience Innovation Talent) Awards recognize individuals, students, teams, for-profit and non-profit organizations that demonstrate GRIT with a focus on driving a JEDI (just, equitable, diverse and inclusive) culture in the workplace.

“Being recognized with a GRIT Award is a tremendous achievement. We’re incredibly proud of LINK’s accomplishments in building Ovintiv’s culture of inclusivity and driving to get the very best for, and out of, our people.” – Rachel Moore, Executive Vice President, Corporate Services


Inclusion in Bloomberg Gender Equity Index (GEI) (2023)

The companies reflected in the 2023 Index have scored above the GEI Score threshold for inclusion and are committed to making strides toward equality in the workplace. The 2023 Index comprises 484 companies with a combined market capitalization of $16 trillion headquartered in 45 countries and regions across 11 sectors.

Included in Globe and Mail’s Women Lead Here Benchmark (2023 & 2024)

A ranking of 500 of the largest (over C$50M in revenue) publicly traded companies in Canada in terms of the percentage of female-identifying individuals in the top three tiers of executive management.