Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our commitment to an inclusive culture that embraces diversity of thought, background and experience was reinforced by our Board and executive team through our renewed social commitment framework. We want to create an industry and a company where everyone is welcome and has the same opportunity. 

Creating a culture of inclusion is consistent with our long-standing foundational values, but we have work to do to make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity for success at Ovintiv. To that end, we have assembled an internal Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Working Group that is made up of a cross section of our workforce. Their purpose is to provide a sounding board for initiatives, test communications and act as an incubator of ideas.

We engage in this work not only because it leads to better business outcomes, but most importantly because it is the right thing to do.

Above all, we believe listening and learning is the priority. We will take our time to get it right and be authentic along the way.

Ovintiv’s values and leadership capabilities underpin our commitment to an inclusive workplace.

A critical part of building a culture of inclusion is listening to and learning from our employees. In the fall of 2021, we launched two inclusion initiatives – a pulse-check survey and employee inclusion listening sessions. The survey asked employees to anonymously assess four statements regarding their experience and perception of inclusion at Ovintiv. The Inclusion@Work listening sessions went a step further and allowed for deeper dialogue where employees shared details of their personal experiences and perceptions of inclusion in a smaller, more intimate forum. Both quantitative data from the surveys and qualitative data from the listening sessions were shared with the executive team. Feedback from the circles informed updates and changes to practices, programs and training initiatives.

In total, approximately 700 staff completed the pulse-check survey and approximately 170 individuals participated in the Inclusion@Work sessions. Through the inclusion initiatives, we learned that participating employees have a high sense of inclusion, although it was clear that not all employees experience inclusion in the same way. In 2022, Inclusion@Work training will be offered to all employees.

This feedback, along with our company’s demographic data, helped us understand how the experience of inclusion differed across demographic groups within our company.  

“I am committed to continuing this dialogue and developing the programs, processes and initiatives required to support diverse talent and an inclusive workplace.”
– Brendan McCracken, CEO

100% of our leadership received unconscious bias training in 2021.

Understanding our Workforce

One of our goals is ensuring we have diverse talent within our organization. One of the many elements of diversity is ethnicity. Last year, to better understand our organization’s make-up, we asked our employees to self-identify their ethnicity. 

As the results have identified, we have an opportunity to increase ethnic representation within our organization. We are focused on broadening the diversity of our talent through new recruiting practices and enhanced engagement with our communities and educational institutions.

Attracting, developing and retaining diverse talent while fostering an engaged culture of inclusion is both a challenge and an opportunity. We will continue to lean into our values as we strive to create an inclusive workplace where everyone can feel accepted and be successful.


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Building a Culture of Inclusion

Our commitment to building a culture of inclusion at Ovintiv is backstopped by concrete, deliberate actions.  We formed an employee resource group, Leveraging Inclusion, Networking and Knowledge (LINK) to provide opportunities for all employees to engage, collaborate, learn and grow, and to foster an environment where diverse perspectives are celebrated.


Enabling Equality in Family Leave Practice

We understand the importance of supporting our employees through the exciting process of welcoming a new child and take a market-leading approach to our Family Leave practice. Upon the birth or adoption of a new child, primary caregivers are provided 16 weeks paid leave. This benefit includes 14 weeks paid leave of absence as well as 10 business days of paid parental time-off to be used within the first year of the birth or adoption. Secondary caregivers are provided 10 business days of paid parental time-off.

We recognize the necessity of extending eligibility of the benefit beyond the birth parent to include adoptive parents and secondary caregivers. This exciting enhancement reinforces our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace, ensures the well-being of our employees, and maximizes the flexibility for unique return-to-work needs.

“Great policy change and great to see ‘primary and secondary caregiver’. As an adoptive parent and a member of the LGBTQIA community, this makes me proud of Ovintiv and the steps we are taking as a company to be more inclusive.” 
– Michelle, Production Analyst