Indigenous - Land and Water Stewardship Tours


We believe we must use our position to improve lives and drive progress. With oversight from our Board of Directors, we engage with our external stakeholders and workforce to ensure we are both proud of our results and how they are achieved.

Our commitment to social responsibility ensures our business practices support the safety, sustainability and quality of life for our stakeholders, including our team and the communities where we operate.

We drive social progress by protecting and valuing our workforce, strengthening the communities we call home and respecting the rights of all. Not only are these the right things to do, but they drive better business outcomes. Our aim is to work in partnership to build a sustainable future together. We are focused on making tomorrow better than today.


    • Updated our benefits package to include extensive family leave benefits to support our employees and their families 
    • Committed to disclose extensive gender equality information, leading to our inaugural inclusion in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index
    • Updated our recruiting practices to enhance engagement with communities and educational institutions to broaden the diversity of our talent
    • Offered Inclusive Leadership training to increase diversity awareness for all employees
    • Continued to invest in our communities, including providing scholarships to students from underrepresented groups who are pursuing careers in energy


    At Ovintiv, we lead with safety. It is a foundational value and drives decision-making across the organization. We want every person who steps foot on our site to leave in the same condition they arrived. We take a “safe work always” approach that is rooted in the belief that all injuries and incidents are preventable. 

    Our Social Commitment

    Together with our employees, our social commitment is to be a force for good in the areas where we operate by respecting our stakeholders and Indigenous partners, strengthening our communities and fostering a culture of inclusion. Our foundational values of safety, sustainability, integrity, respect, and trust guide our approach and define what we expect of ourselves and our strategic partnerships.

    Community Engagement

    We understand the necessity of having strong relationships with the communities where we operate. We have dedicated local team members engaging directly with residents, governments and other stakeholders to answer questions and discuss our operational processes and plans. They are focused on listening and responding to community concerns.


    Community Investment

    We recognize that our role begins in the communities where we live and work. Through our community investment program, we contribute to charitable organizations and initiatives that strengthen our operating communities and reflect our social commitment.  

    We recognize the unique rights of Indigenous Peoples consistent with the principles set out in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. We actively work to address concerns and any potential operational impacts on their rights. Our approach is based on four key principles – Community, Connect, Partner and Action – that guide our efforts to support Indigenous inclusion and opportunity.

    Diversity, Equity
    and Inclusion

    Our commitment to an inclusive culture that embraces diversity of thought, background and experience was reinforced by our Board and executive team through our renewed social commitment framework. We want to create an industry and a company where everyone is welcome.

    Supply Chain Management

    At Ovintiv, we take an integrated multi-basin approach to supply chain management. Our supply management team is woven into all levels of our organization, from corporate operations to our field teams.

    Careers &
    Employee Wellness

    Our success is a direct result of the talent of our team and our ability to work together to achieve company goals. We work hard to put our best ideas into action—making energy development more advanced, efficient and safer than ever before.

    Employee Wellness

    Human Rights

    We recognize the fundamental importance of human rights and the need for all of us to ensure these rights are upheld. Our respect for human rights is embodied in the way we operate and conduct ourselves, guided by our foundational values of safety, sustainability, integrity, respect, and trust.