Ovintiv’s risk-informed business strategy incorporates key ESG issues that have the potential to affect our performance.

We conduct our strategic planning and scenario analysis on an ongoing basis, considering the impacts of commodities pricing, carbon taxes, regulations and the potential long-term impacts of climate change.

This process incorporates insights from various contributors within the company, as well as external advisors and private commodity market analysis firms. We follow four, interconnected and iterative workflows for our strategic planning.

Ovintiv Strategic Planning Workflow

Macro Review

We conduct a macro analysis of both the business and industry environment focused on key trends, risks and opportunities with potential to impact our corporate strategy.

Strategic Assessment 

We incorporate the macro assessment findings in developing a strategic assessment and analysis to test the fitness of the current strategy and discuss potential pathways to deliver value to shareholders over the short and long-term. This assessment is presented to, and discussed with, the executive leadership on at least an annual basis.


Benchmarking is also incorporated in our strategic planning. We benchmark our strategic and competitive positioning against companies both within and outside of the E&P industry. This provides real-time intelligence and enhances our understanding of peer strategies, industry trends and business best practices. 

Portfolio Evaluation   

We conduct an internal assessment to evaluate the current state of our portfolio while considering potential opportunities to advance or enhance value through technological innovation and efficiencies, reduction of uncertainty and the optimization of resources. During this phase, a suite of individual asset development profiles is constructed or revised to test various scenarios and approaches to optimize long-term value creation.